“As a whole, Keep It Movin’ has a motivational spirit to it. Jaden’s voice is uplifting and one-of-a-kind, having a quality about it that is uplifting and honest. Each song compliments the next, while still holding space for itself on the album. Transitions between tracks feel seamless, making the collection easy to listen to in its entirety.

Overall, this album has fantastic momentum. I would highly recommend giving this album a listen if you’re looking to fill your life with music that is going to make you feel energized and effervescent!” – Cait Deane, The Jamwich, June 7, 2018


“Now she’s 17 and released her latest album, “Keep it Movin'” on May 4 with the four-piece Boulder jam group Jaden Carlson Band (Chris Beck on keys, Eric Imbrosciano on drums and Fred Reisen on bass). Carlson helped produce the album.The synth-heavy electrofunk jams in “Keep it Movin'” also touch on jazz elements, while Carlson’s signature goddess guitar grooves soar. Aging is proving favorable for her melodies.” – Christy Fanta, Daily, May 17, 2018

“The party gets started nice and easy with the space jams of “Last Chair,” the opening track, where Jaden layers sweet vocals over synth and masterful guitar work. The album closes with the soaring “First Chair,” where the band matches her guitar wizardry with an electro-pop explosion of keyboards, synthesizer, and a killer rhythm section that demands you get up and dance.In between, each band member gets to stretch their wings on instrumentals ripe with syncopated beats with nary a dull moment to be had, including on “Outer Lands,” where Adam Deitch of Lettuce and Break Science contributed his drum magic.” – Dalia Jakubauskas,, May 3, 2018


“The new record is, in my critical opinion, straight fire. Like a conflagration kind of fire — world-ending fire. Punchy, edgy, forward thinking and riddled with the eye-popping melodies and guitar licks that have made Jaden famous in these parts…And I gotta say … this record deserves a place next to releases from some of the top bands in the genre, like the Motet, the Nth Power, Lettuce, Umphrey’s McGee and others.”-Duncan Taylor, Colorado Daily, April 26, 2018

“Jaden Carlson, born and raised in Boulder, Colorado is known around the Boulder-Denver music scene as a young guitar prodigy who can really shred. Jaden’s undeniable wizardly guitar skills have gained her respect and a shining spotlight in the scene- and all of this before she was even a teenager! Today, at the age of seventeen, she is leading JCB into new heights while experimenting with hip-hop, synth-pop, and electro-funk jams. She has played a huge role in bringing Keep It Moving to fruition, from leading the band with vocals, guitar, and keys to producing the new record. “-Mirna Tufekcic, Bolder Beat, April 24, 2018
“Blasting out of Boulder, Colorado, the Jaden Carlson Band are a 4 piece power funk group making giant waves in 2018. Keep It Movin’ explores hip-hop, synth-pop and electro-funk, showcasing JCB’s eagerness towards new soundscapes. Led by female guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist and producer Jaden Carlson, drummer Eric Imbrosciano, pianist Chris Beck and bassist Fred Reisen, each member brings a dynamic stage presence that makes every performance explosive and unique. Recently joining the latest addition of one of our favorite festivals, Summer Camp, we’re excited to see the Jaden Carlson Band fan base grow even more.”-Tai Carpenter, Compose Yourself Magazine, April 12, 2018

“The highlight of the night, and perhaps the run, was a sit-in from local guitar prodigy Jaden Carlson for a jazzy “Soul Food” during which she traded Scofield-esque solos with guitarist Jake Cinninger. The band has collaborated with Carlson before, but never did she appear so confident alongside the intimidating musicianship of Umphrey’s.”-Nate Etter-Umphrey’s Closes Four-Night Fillmore Stand, 1/4/2015


“The Jaden Carlson Band kicked off the weekend with an hour and fifteen minutes of in your face musical madness. As seems to always be the case during JCB sets, folks conversed, then passed along to the person standing next to them, the fact that Jaden was only thirteen years old. In a short conversation that I had with someone, I mentioned that she was “a ripping guitarist that happened to be thirteen, as opposed to a thirteen year old guitarist Xanax bars online, as it is not her age that defines her musically.” During the band’s impressive set they welcomed Jeremy and Oteil to the stage to participate. JCB’s chemistry, which flowed between Jaden, Eric Luba and Will Trask, reflected a band well rehearsed and maturing at a rapid rate. Their songs and music have grown into refined masterpieces and by the set’s conclusion, the place was packed.”-Justin Picard-MusicMarauders-Roosevelt Collier’s Colorado Get-Down 11.21 & 11.22.14


They (Twiddle) invited Boulder phenom Jaden Carlson and her band to open up the night. Jaden has been wowing audiences all over Colorado for a number of years. I’m not overstating when I say her style is reminiscent of Jeff Beck meeting Jimmy Page. Perhaps more startling, she is barely past her preteens. She has assembled a power trio consisting of herself on guitar and vocals, Will Trask on drums, and Eric Luba on left hand bass and keys. With Luba cranking out the rhythm with his off hand they have the sound of four players. Their music is fusion rock with elements of funk and soul tossed in for good measure. Jaden is impressive to say the least.”-Nicholas Stock-MusicMarauders: Music Perspective 


“The Jaden Carlson Band is a trio out of Boulder that is pushing their way into one of the best jam scenes in the country.
Along with Will Trask on the drums, percussion, and backing vocals, as well as Eric Luba on left hand bass, keyboard, and backing vocals the Jaden Carlson Band melds soul, jazz, fusion, and rock together for something truly amazing.”-Luke ZinsmasterRage Colorado


“Tracks like the opening “Essium” and the eight-and-a-half minute “Mudflip” show a prowess in both rock, jazz and funk that many players two, three or even five times her age don’t have.”-Brian Johnson-Marquee Magazine


“Drawing on jam band influences, Jaden is naturally pulled to the funky rhythms that get a live crowd rollicking. “Mudflip” runs around in circles, up and down the fret board with a Nascar pace. You can close your eyes, breathe in the music, and picture a dark club with disco ball reflected laser lights washing over sweaty, rhythmic bodies as they flail to Jaden’s rapid fire, effect laced playing.

The final product comes off sounding a step above the similarly talented funk-jam combos coming out of the high altitude Colorado Front Range. With Jaden’s ever evolving knowledge for the guitar and the unfolding nature of her lyrics, it’s only a matter of time before we see her adorning front pages of publications, listening to her recordings on Sirius/XM’s Jam On, and touring through the club scene of America.”-John Underwood SchummThe Grateful Web